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It is important for you to consider which areas of your business space you would like cleaned and how often you want them cleaned to set up an effective schedule.

Working with best Janitor in Tucson Arizona will allow your space to remain how you want it to look on schedule.

All businesses have different approaches but they follow the same basic framework.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

checklist Public spaces are the gathering spaces for your business, they also work as waiting spaces where your clients, customers and guests have a first hand experience of your business.

Commercial cleaning services always work to clean and brighten these areas to ensure that they are clean, organized and inviting. We also use a checklist to ensure we clean all areas and exceed standards.For example, we make sure all of our employees have a checklist that they use to guide them and it contains tasks like emptying waste bins and replacing the liners, vacuum carpets and mats, wipe all surfaces with damp cloth, dust all chairs, tables and furniture, mop hard floors with disinfectants, remove cobwebs, ensure all areas and properly arranged, wipe all internal glass and polish handles and also remove all stains from walls, doors, handles and the carpets.

The bathroom and kitchen areas are sanitized to reduce the chance of infectious diseases. We also provide weekly cleaning goals such as spray buffing all hard floors, cleaning glass inside and outside.

Use Professional Grade Tools & Equipment

cleaning tools Commercial spaces require the correct professional tools and commercial cleaning companies come equipped with the techniques, equipment and chemicals used to efficiently clean your commercial space. The rise of technology has also advanced cleaning tools allowing service providers to use robot powered cleaners to ensure a faster and well done clean.
Some of the tools used are pressure cleaners, polishers, sweepers and even vacuum cleaners for the floors. This depends on the size of the space and the need, cleaning often ensures a well maintained space.

Pressure cleaners use high-powered steam and are used to remove stains and dirt from the floors. They are especially effective when cleaning walls, patios and walkways and also used to degrease commercial kitchens. This is highly beneficial for companies that have cafeterias for employees.

The sweepers are large machines with a rotatory sweeping head located underneath the head of the machine and controlled by a user who sits on the machine and power steers it. These are effective for large spaces and are extremely effective at removing carpet stains without having to remove the carpet. Scrubbers are used to remove stains from hard floors and are used in commercial buildings with wood or marble floors.

Polishers are great for giving the space that attractive clean and polished look. Commercial vacuums are also ideal for sucking up water and maintaining smaller office spaces. Other essential tools are microfiber cloth, cleaning glass cloths, paper towels, broom and dustpan for hard-to-reach places, dusters, trash bags, bathroom cleaners, and spray bottles.

Professional Staff

All businesses have sensitive information that they would like protected and commercial cleaning services ensure that what is in the business stays in the business.

Commercial cleaning services have professional staff in uniforms who show up to simply work and do a great job for the client. Staff do not remove any material from desks when cleaning or turn on computers. They simply wipe the desk and leave things in the exact place they were.

Their only focus is emptying the trash cans in approved locations.
Commercial cleaning staff are also efficient and work quickly to ensure the space is as clean as possible within a short amount of time.